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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

It is frustrating, that the Instagram account is disabled. We as the content creator gives too much time and effort to build an audience for ourselves, but Instagram takes it away in one shot.

Most account comes back within 24 hours. Sometimes it takes 15 days, Sometimes a month, and worst case scenario it never came back.

The most frustrating thing about this is Unlike Facebook, and YouTube, Instagram Doesn't have a CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE. And maybe you are seeing some accounts in the YouTube comment box, that could help get your account back, or he can bring your account back. Those are fakes, don't fall for them. NO ONE CAN BRING BACK YOUR ACCOUNT, UNLESS YOURSELF. So let's Start with our Story.

So, we were posting like we use to do regularly. on the 23rd of February, we were at our friend Jago ceremony and Ravneet suddenly told me that, we are logged out of our Instagram account. I told her not to worry and tried it myself. I Logged in again but it was not refreshing. so, I thought it might be a glitch or internet issue. We'll try later.

When the first time it happens it will tell you that wait for 24 hours and try logging back again. This is the grace period and during this time your account "MIGHT" comes back.

Most of the account comes back in this grace period. After waiting for 24 hours, I tried

logging back in, but the message again pops up and this popup said, "Your account has been disabled for violating our term. Learn how you may be able to restore your account"

So I click the learn more button it took me to a page where the appeal form was there. So, what I find out is that our account was disabled due to copyright infringement on certain videos. Always fill out the form if you are certain that you didn't breach any of the Instagram policies.

Generally, people who get like on their accounts by unrecognized methods or get fake views or get fake Followers, those accounts get banned on Instagram. So, We filled out the forms numerous times. So, we waited for like 15 days. After 15 days I filled out the form for like 15th time, which is filling out 1 form a day. Don't Fill form more than once a day or Instagram would consider your form as spam. The Appeal form is in the Description. Although you will also get in the message you see. So, on the 15th day we got the email from Instagram that we have to authenticate ourselves and there was CODE in it, It was like this. So, How can you Authenticate yourself, Take a Sheet of paper, handwrite your Full Legal Name, Your ID, and Code mentioned in the email.

Both your hands should be visible, and the light should be good, and reply to that Email. If they check the Email, they would Activate the account within a Day. But, in our case it's been 30 days and nothing was happening, we tried this handwriting stuff plenty of times, sometimes me, sometimes Ravneet. And, our hopes were fading away. We thought all the hard work we have done is in the vein. The Saddest part was the memories we lost. Moments with each other, with you guys, with our family, with Little Sehnoor all are present in our account. We tried filling up multiple forms, but we were certain that we have not posted anything which could infringe anybody's content. I decided to sue Instagram in the court, I talked to a lawyer for legal advice, We sent a formal Email to the Grievance officer, but still, nothing happened. We tried various ways to contact Instagram, and Facebook, so that someone could help us out but, nothing productive was happening. It's been 60 Days, We were in himachal for the vacation and I woke up early morning, and I was in the Washroom, freshening up.

It's my habit to check Emails on my phone first in the washroom.

I saw an email, it was from Instagram came, that your account has been disabled by mistake and we have reactivated it or something. I came running out of the bathroom, and woke up Ravneet and told her she was half asleep and confused but suddenly became happy. We were very happy, and angry a bit

on Instagram that, we have to suffer for no reason, but keeping that aside we were very happy. So This happened with us in brief, Now the thing is what you can do.


The Instagram account could be banned for a number of reasons but the main reason is by getting Fake Followers, Fake Likes, Sending Porn, banned stuff, or Violating any of the terms of Instagram. if you think you might have done any of this, your account wouldn't come back. Sometimes due to some unrecognized activity, in order to save your identity, Instagram disables the accounts too. but if you think you have not done anything wrong, tusi aa sab chiza try kar sakde aa.

1. Instagram Changes its policies from time to time.

2. Try to find out Why your account is banned. Core Reason. Instagram sends an Email Like this before your account is banned.

3. Try filling up forms once a day, don't overdo it, coz your form would become spam for them.

4. Be Patient, We know it is hard for you, but being Patient is the key

5. Don't waste your money, here and there, They are of no use, and could not bring your account back. Only Instagram can do it.

6. If you lose hope and want to create a new account, don't make it on the same Email ID, or else your old account coming back possibilities would become ZERO.


Appeal Form -

Instagram Grievance Officer INDIA ---

Spoorthi Priya

Additionally, you can also contact Facebook in India via post at:

216 Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III

New Delhi – 110020


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